Solving complex challenges with creative and beautiful solutions



Selected Work

Common to each of our commissions is a relentless pursuit to understand our client’s goals, the site opportunities that make each project unique and the technical challenges inherent in architecture. Our studio engages in projects of all scales ranging from the detailing of a child’s preschool cubby to the site planning of a 25 acre urban industrial complex. We provide sensitive design approaches to sites as diverse as a wooded island site in the Pacific Northwest, to the renovation of a historic building in San Francisco’s Chinatown, to the master planning of urban industrial sites. Our projects seek to engage and improve how the built environment supports living–at work, at home, or in the community–with creative and beautiful solutions to complex challenges. 


Our Studio

In 2005 we decided to test our belief that innovative design, an intensely collaborative approach, and exemplary customer service would enable a small architecture firm to help its clients achieve big, big things. In the span of a little over 10 years, we now know our hunch was correct. Since founding Jackson Liles Architecture, we have designed projects that have had a significant impact on our client’s organizations, the people they serve and the places they reside. The buildings and spaces we have designed have directly strengthened our client’s ability to achieve their mission and goals, including projects that build and strengthen communities, require navigation through complex master planning and entitlement approvals, feature innovative sustainable design solutions, and create engaging and thoughtful spaces for living, working and playing.